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Egg on chard in a sandwich

Ingredients for 1 person

2 eggs
a bunch of chard
1 tablespoon of olive oil
half of teaspoon of spice mixture of Kvarner 
or Vegeta Mediterranean spicemix
little bit of salt and pepper
1 slice of bread


Prepare the nonstick pan with a lid.
Wash the chard, drain slightly and cut into thin strips. Do not throw the white parts of the leaves! Cut them also.
In a pan - warm up the olive oil and throw the chard on it. Add spice mixture and stir. Reduce heat and cover the pan - water that is retained on the leaves from washing is quite enough to boil a chard a little.
As soon as all the liquid wither, throw two eggs on the chard, add salt and pepper according to your taste, cover and fry until all the eggwhite is "squeezed". The lid will keep the hot air in the pan, so eggs will be nice and quickly fried from the top .
Cut a slice of bread and warm it up briefly at the hot pan, and put on it fried eggs with chard.


A flavor of this simple and quick "sandwich", wich is tipical for coastal croatian region (especially Kvarner), will be completed with tasty scent of fresh tomatoes with a drop of good olive oil ... and a glass of local wine too...

My original recipe in croatian is on   Coolinarika - "Jaje na blitvi - primorski snack"

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